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Changes in Spheron CLI, Storage SDK, DOCS and FNS Site link

April 07th, 2023

Spheron CLI

We have introduced support for older versions of node, starting from version 12.17.0. We have also added support to signup directly from CLI, no need to register to Spheron before doing spheron login on CLI.

Added support for new commands get and configure.

  • get

    • used to get data from Spheron.

    • get organization : options: --id
    • get organizations : (all organization for your user will be returned)
    • get deployment : options: --id, --skip (optional), --limit (optional), --status (optional)
    • get deployments : options: --projectId
    • get project : options: --id
    • get projects : options: --organizationId (optional), --skip (optional), --limit (optional), --state (optional)
    • get domains : options: --projectId
    • get deployment-environments : options: --projectId
    • Notes:
      • Deployment Status can be: PreQueue, Queued, Pending, Canceled, Deployed, Failed, AuthorizationNeeded, Killing, TimedOut.
      • Project State can be: MAINTAINED or ARCHIVED.
  • configure

    • used to switch your default organization.

    • spheron configure [--organization ]

Storage SDK

Added two new methods to the SpheronClient:

  • async getOrganizationUsage(organizationId: string): Promise<UsageWithLimits>
    • used to get the usage of the current active subscription of the organization.
  • async getTokenScope(): Promise<TokenScope>
    • used to get the scope of the token.


Added support for Filecoin Mainnet.

  • Through FNSlib, our comprehensive solution for working with FNS(.fil) on the FEVM chain, is now fully equipped to handle the Mainnet. This means that users can now seamlessly reserve and register a fns name on the Filecoin Mainnet using FNS SITE.

Spheron Docs

Added updates and fixes to improve the overall user experience of the system.

  • Updated the global font weight, as well as the primary font color.
  • Updated the Quick Start card background color, along with the docs favicon.
  • Updated content of Angular, React, and Vue Framework guides, and Spheron API.
  • Fixed the home button redirection.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Developer

Abraham Onoja

Blockchain Developer

Aayush Mahapatra

Frontend Developer

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