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Browser-Upload Package, IPNS Support, Improved DOCS link

April 14th, 2023

Storage SDK

This week we have released a new version of the SDK, which includes the following updates:

IPNS Support - We have added new methods to facilitate the creation of IPNS Names for your uploads. The added methods are as follows:

  • async publishIPNS(uploadId: string): Promise<IPNSName>
    • This method is used to publish IPFS Upload to IPNS.
  • async updateIPNSName(ipnsNameId: string, uploadId: string): Promise<IPNSName>
    • This method is used to update the IPNS name to a new upload.
  • async getIPNSName(ipnsNameId: string): Promise<IPNSName>
    • This method can be used to retrieve IPNS name by ID.
  • async getIPNSNamesForUpload(uploadId: string): Promise<IPNSName[]>
    • This method returns all IPNS names for a upload.
  • async getIPNSNamesForOrganization(organizationId: string): Promise<IPNSName[]>
    • This method returns all IPNS names for an organization.

CID Conversion - We have added two methods that can be used to convert a CID from V0 to V1 and vice versa.

We have introduced a new method, async createSingleUploadToken(configuration: { name: string; protocol: ProtocolEnum; }): Promise<{ uploadToken: string }>, which allows you to create a token for the @spheron/browser-upload package. This token can be used by your web app to enable users to upload their data directly from their browser to the specified protocol. Please refer to the @spheron/browser-upload package for more information.

Browser Upload

We have released a new package called @spheron/browser-upload.

Using @spheron/browser-upload, you can now easily create a flow to upload files directly from your web application to IPFS, Filecoin, or Arweave without the need to first upload the files to your backend server. With this flow, your API token will remain private on your backend server, and you will have complete control over who can upload files using your API token.

For more information on how to use the package, please refer the README in @spheron/browser-upload,or checkout the working Example.


We have released a fresh and comprehensive design update for the FNS Site.

  • My Account
    • We have added my account section, which you can now use to easily view all the registered domains under your wallet address or your registered domain name
  • Design Update
    • We have enhanced aesthetics, improved functionality, and personalized features, managing/registering your FNS domains has never been easier. Experience the sleek new look and feel of our updated app today and gain better control over your FNS domains.

Spheron Docs

Updated the documentation to include detailed information on the Spheron Storage SDK, providing developers with the necessary guidance and resources to easily integrate and utilize the SDK.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Developer

Aayush Mahapatra

Frontend Developer

Nitin Sharma

Frontend Engineer

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