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Changelog Notes - V3.0.3-beta link

may 9th, 2022

Loader Improvement

We have updated all the loaders in the platform with Spheron native loader. Now users will get a feel of Spheron’s branding even on the loaders as well.

Performance Improvement

In this release, we have again improved the start deployment API by ~30%. This gives a great boost to our platform for any users who wants to do fast deployments using a continuous deployment pipeline and UI.

We have also improved organization creation API by ~40% which is another big improvement made to provide a smooth experience in our platform.

Arweave Upload Improvement

We have done a big improvement in the upload speed of arweave deployments. Based on our benchmark of uploading the same 71 files before and after the improvement, we noticed a 1200% increase in performance. That is before it used to take 4.06mins to upload all the 71 files but with this update, we can upload the same 71 files in 20secs.

Continuous Deployment Improvements

We have updated the logic to post comments on the PR even when the deployment is in the queued state. We have also updated the logic to add checks on the PR when the deployment is in the queued state. We have improved the logic for deployment happening when PR is created. Earlier, it use to happen that when a PR is newly created the platform triggers a new deployment even though there is a deployment in progress for the commit before the PR is created. This creates a dual deployment scenario for the same commit which doesn’t make sense.

Fixes 🛠️

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience.

Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Fixes Github app’s uninstallation issue - Earlier if someone installed our Github app and then uninstall it, the deployment doesn’t go through anymore. With this fix, it is now possible.

  • Fixes a bug found in overdue logic when an admin/owner wants to remove members from its organization - Earlier when the user’s organization is in an overdue state, removing members won’t update the overdue state due to this bug in the logic.

  • Fixes a bug in overdue logic on the UI. Earlier even though the organization is not in an overdue state as API is suggesting, the organization is shown in an overdue state.

  • Fixes a bug in the deployment environment overdue logic on the UI. Added the logic for displaying exceeded project environment on the UI, fetches the exceeded environment in the project and displays the total number of the exceeded environment in the overdue modals.

  • We have fixed a bug found due to an unnecessary constraint check for the deployment environment which is only meant for the continuous deployment pipeline. Users weren’t able to deploy a branch from the UI if the deployment environment is in an inactive state.

  • We have added support for connecting branches of the inactive Production deployment environment when the user wants to create a new deployment environment or update a deployment environment other than Spheron default environments. When users want to again activate the Production deployment environment, the user needs to either remove the Production branch or deactivate/remove the deployment environment.

  • Fixes a bug found in the bonus payment workflow when there is insufficient balance or approval. The bonus payment status is not updated to cancelled even when there is insufficient balance or approval to make the payment. The payment would just be stuck in the demanded state forever.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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