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Jul 24th, 2022

Introducing New Frameworks


We have successfully added eight more frameworks to our framework list. Users can now quickly deploy their apps using these frameworks on Spheron. Here is the list of frameworks getting added:

We have also implemented auto-detect for the framework. Any repo built with these frameworks will be automatically selected, and the configuration will be pre-filled during the deployment.

Coupon Code


We have implemented the usage of coupon codes for billing. Users can get these coupons from their community and use them on our platform to pay their subscription. The coupon has a max usage limit per user and a max limit of usage that can be set during the creation of coupons and updated if necessary by the team. The coupon code’s expiry time starts when the coupon gets activated. The coupon can be applied when buying a PRO plan which will activate immediately. The coupon can also be applied after the PRO plan upgrade and activated in the next payment. The invoice will contain coupon payments with a coupon tag. Currently, we are only allowed to make payments for subscription and new member payments.

Responsive User Interface


The Spheron Platform UI is now fully Responsive. Users can even access our platform from their mobiles or tablets. This feature will help users view their deployments while away from their desktops.

Dark Theme


The most awaiting feature for developers is here. As a developer, I mostly work with a dark theme in most of my tools. We have also brought a dark theme to our platform. Please take a look and let us know your feedback on how it looks on your screen.

Fixes 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience. Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Read all notifications: We have implemented this feature for our users who want to clear all their notification messages at one time.
  • Update Polygonscan Logo: We have updated the polygonscan logo in our invoice.
  • Update the invite and welcome email subject to include the Spheron name instead of ArGo.
  • Update the platform email to use email instead of
  • PR Comments Improvement: We have further improved our PR comment logic and fixed some edge case bugs causing some deployment not to get triggered when a PR is created.
  • We also fixed a bug about updating the PR comment when a deployment fails.
  • Invoice Improvement: We refactored our invoices and implemented some improvements.
  • Overdue Refresh: We fixed the refresh button logic on the billing page. Earlier, it only refreshes the subscription leaving the overdue status. Now, the refresh button will also reload the due status of the organization.
  • Gasless Allowance: We have updated the biconomy implementation for polygon and arbitrum gasless allowance with the latest biconomy library version.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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