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Changelog Notes - V3.0.7-beta link

Aug 10th, 2022

Introducing Spheron Edge Network


We are launching our CDN infrastructure to serve websites hosted using Spheron. The Spheron Edge Network sits in between the internet and your deployments. The Spheron Edge Network has many responsibilities, but most importantly, it is responsible for routing requests to your Builds' correct Static File output.

The Spheron Edge Network caches your content at the edge to serve data to your users as quickly as possible. The Edge Network runs in dozens of locations worldwide to route requests as fast as possible. Static Files are always distributed across the whole network, thus not location-specific.

Aside from routing your requests to the correct destination, the Edge Network also takes care of a few other important aspects of a working Deployment:

  • Terminating SSL
  • Compressing your responses - Currently using gzip

The Edge Network supports the following protocols (negotiated with ALPN):

Upgrade your domains to the latest version to take advantage of the new Spheron Edge Network and supercharge your domains. To do that, go to your project domains, and click Upgrade. Once you upgrade it, you will see new records show up on the UI. Update your DNS with the latest records and click Verify. Once your domain got verified, it will start serving the deployment you attached to the domain.

Fixes 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience. Here are some of the recent ones.

  • NFT Access Removal: We have removed the NFT Access restriction from our platform. That includes not showing Minting NFT Popup.
  • Member Access Disable: Organisation is now fully secured based on the role. Here is the list of restrictions a member has:
    • They can't update organization settings.
    • They can't update the member setting or send invites to others. Only the owner or admin can do that.
    • They can't update the organization's billing section. Only the owner or admin can do that.
  • We have added some max length validation on input fields like - domains, organization username & name.
  • Fixed an issue with the framework suggestion for Gitlab & Bitbucket repositories.
  • We have added redirect links for all the billing & member-based notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with the GitHub webhook when the user archives the project and unarchive it again
  • We have added additional validation of deployment preview with protocol link regex.
  • We fixed the log filtration when the user canceled a deployment.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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