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Aug 19th, 2022

Frontend Validation Registry

We have worked on a decentralized domain registry that helps verify whether the original developers deploy the frontend. This will reduce hacks from the centralized domain (as seen on Godaddy domain hijack) and create a registry for all kinds of frontend to be stored safely on a smart contract. We have also released an extension that helps you validate whether the domains you are using are pointing toward the correct frontend and not an altered version of the same frontend with a different smart contract injected inside it.

How to use it

The platform inherently provides a way to create a registry contract for your organization where you can store all the domains that you want users to validate. Once you create a registry, you can share the registry address with your community to add it to their extension. Once a registry is imported to the extension, all the domains published inside it can be viewed, and the extension can now start verifying the domain if it's present in the registry.

Every verified domain in your organization will have an Update Registry button that will add or update your domain to the registry of your choice. Our registry contracts are stored in the Polygon mainnet, so all the transactions will have a fee. However, the fee will be very minimal due to being in Polygon.

Fixes 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience. Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Deployment Environment: We have found some edge case issues causing the continuous deployment to break. Below are the fixes done after investigating these issues:
    • Fixed the issue when the branch name has , in its name.
    • Fixed the issue that would allow the creation of multiple environments with the same branches.
    • Fixed the issue that would allow the creation of multiple deployment environments with the same name.
  • Fixed issues when trying to resolve overdue state for an organization by clicking the Pay Overdue button.
  • To ensure the let's encrypt SSL generation works for all the domains, we have restricted the maximum length of domains allowed in the platform to 64. We have also fixed the regex validation of domains and subdomains.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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