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Aug 26th, 2022

Decentralized Backend - Powered by Akash


After a roller-coaster couple of months, we ultimately finished the integration of Akash Protocol to provide our users with a simple way to deploy and manage backend instances on Akash Protocol.


Akash Protocol is a decentralized computing marketplace that connects developers to data centers across the globe without an intermediary like AWS. Spheron is building an abstraction layer to provide a better experience for developers who don't want to get into much complexity of Akash and deploy their apps on a decentralized cloud. Spheron also provides deployment on Akash Network using any crypto tokens like USDT, USDC, DAI, etc., on any network like Polygon, Arbitrum, etc., and still retains the power of ownership over your deployment. Even Spheron Platform can't stop your deployments.


Spheron provides many features for developers looking to deploy their servers on a decentralized network. Here are some of the important ones.

  • User can deploy their public image from DockerHub in 2 clicks.
  • Users can select from 3 compute types - Nano, Medium & Large with different configurations.
  • Users can pass Environment variables and Ports when deploying their servers.
  • Users can view Real-time Logs when deploying their apps.
  • Users can also view logs and events shared when running their apps on Akash.
  • Spheron system maintains the individual instance's balances and fills it up whenever it's below a certain threshold. The user doesn't have to manage every instance. We provide an Organization Wallet that users can top up anytime to continue running their instance.
  • User can view their usage and the amount spent on each instance.
  • Users can pay for AKT Credits in Stable Coins on any Chain.
  • Users have Full Ownership of their Deployments, and only users can update or close the instances they are running.

For more detail, we will be setting up deployment guides and documentation.

Fixes 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience. Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Edge Network Improvement: We have optimized the cache update in our Edge Network. The Edge network will immediately point the user's domain to the new deployment and cached. We also fix the cache invalidation of domains after a successful new deployment.
  • Deployment Status Update: We have added one more status for a granular understanding of deployments' workflow.
  • Navbar Design Upgrade: We have changed the design for the navbar to make it more elegant with beautiful icons.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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