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Sept 19th, 2022

API Token


We are introducing API token creation for our API. Users can now generate an API token to interact directly with our API. We are also introducing versioning of our API, starting with v1. Users can generate & delete API tokens. Once generated, users will be shown the token once and need to save it somewhere safe as it won't be shown after this. Users can specify organization scope and expiry duration on an API token. Tokens are scoped to only one organization, and all the activities using that token will be added to that organization. As for expiry, users can specify a duration, and they will be prompted with a specific date when the token will be expired.

We have set up swagger documentation for our Rest API endpoint references. You can access it here

Edge Network

We have improved the reliability of our edge network. Users can now scale their websites infinitely, and the website won't go down. With this, we can assure our users a 99.99% uptime on their website if deployed using Spheron

Fixes and Feature Upgrades 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience. Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Session expired with Redirect: We fixed the logout issue when the Session expired. Users will be automatically sent to the login page if the Session expires, and once they log in, they will get redirected to the last page they access before the session expiry.
  • Notification design upgrade: We improved the design for our notifications and changed the placement to the top right of our platform for easy accessibility. Along with that, we are also showing all the notifications on the window triggered from our backend.
  • We added pagination to our notification section to load more if required, significantly improving our load time.
  • Improved coupon code UX: We have improved the user experience of activating coupon codes when upgrading the plan. Users need to first attach the coupon code before upgrading their plan. If it's a valid coupon, the platform will prompt the user for a successful attachment of the coupon code, and the payment will be made with the coupon code. The UX will reduce the issue of passing the wrong coupon code when upgrading. Another benefit is that the user doesn't have to give token approval and directly upgrade if the coupon is valid.
  • We have removed the restriction of attaching a wallet before first-time deployment on an organization.
  • Fixed some dark theme-related UI bugs introduced after the compute platform release.
  • We fixed the IDOR issue on Compute API-specific endpoints.
  • We fixed the overdue pay issue for deployment environments.
  • Project configuration: We fixed the logic to use the deployment configuration that is being redeployed instead of the default project configuration.
  • Project workflow for the team: We fixed the logic for a team member to deploy the same project, which is private in Git.
  • We fixed the logic to generate a random string in the default domain of the project always to have a length of 6.
  • Gitlab deployment fix: We fixed the Gitlab deployment issue, causing the deployment to choose the default main branch rather than the branch the commit was made from.
  • Subscription issue: We fixed the issue that could cause an organization to have multiple subscriptions.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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