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Changelog Notes - V3.1.4-beta link

Oct 27th, 2022

Introducing Multi-Protocol Upload

We have been working hard to provide users with a way to upload their post-built app directly to their favorite protocols. Now, this is achievable with upload API, which bypasses the whole legacy spheron continuous deployment pipeline and uploads to protocol.

Developer can now create their custom pipeline and take benefit of spheron multi-protocol ethos to deploy their apps to their favorite protocol. This can create a lot of scopes to build awesome use cases never seen in web3, such as ISR, open game marketplace, and much more. We like to see how the spheron ecosystem can use this to build unbelievable use cases and bring developers closer to web3.

Introducing Bandwidth

With this release, all the organizations will get started showing bandwidth usage. Based on the current plan, there will be limitations applied to all the organizations. Here is the bandwidth limitation based on the plans -

  • Starter Plan - 100 GB
  • Pro Plan - 1 TB

You will be able to get more bandwidth if you exceed the plan usage limit in the case of Pro plan users only. You can buy a bonus of $40 per 100GB of Bandwidth. There is no limitation on how much your domain can handle requests.

Attach Domain UX

We have redone the whole domain attachment user experience for our users. In the older UX, there is a lot of confusion regarding using the deployment environment in a domain. Also, users are unclear about the “Latest deployment” option.

We changed this confusing experience to something much clear. We found an insight that when users attach a deployment environment to a domain, they are already looking to automate the domain targets. So, unless the user doesn’t want to attach a deployment environment, they can attach a specific deployment to the domain, which won’t be changed.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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