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Changelog Notes - V3.3.3-beta Patch 1 link

Mar 9th, 2023

Fixes & Improvements 🛠

  • Resolved the problem where the loaders were stuck in an infinite spin loop on the Plan Usage page.
  • Fixed the bug where the Load More button was not displayed when choosing a cluster instance plan.
  • Updated the next.js automation logic to add { images: { unoptimized: true } } to the images option in the next.config.js instead of { images: { loader: "akamai", path: "" } }
  • Fixed the issue that the max payload size was not working for parallel uploads for Spheron Storage API.
  • We have resolved the issue that the selected region was not considered when deploying a Cluster Instance from the Marketplace template.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Engineer

Ilija Milosavljevic

Backend Engineer

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